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"Brilliantly suspenseful. She brings the life to this story, there are no words to describe her, I was so impressed by her. I was on the edge of my seat." - ScarletLover4Life "You should know this story from the book and you should see the movie too, it is a keeper." - JoyNoMoreJunk "A chilling performance by Julianne Moore who plays the character of a shrink with both style and a sharp wit, navigating through the complex emotional landscape of her patients, and solving the case with grace." - Eurekalert "I enjoyed the movie very much. She is excellent and makes for a great lead." - Matt_E_W "If you want to see suspense and mystery make sure to see the movie." - Alexis-Narcissist "An excellent performance by Julianne Moore, her character definitely deserved an Oscar nomination!" - HeatherLarson "The movie's cinematography, score, and tension, are incredible. Moore's subtle performance is so masterful. It's also refreshing to see a well-acted thriller with a woman in the lead." - SweetDreamer87 "A serious and extremely compelling thriller with a completely credible, fascinatingly complex, and compellingly complex leading character." - BHbradyli "I love Julianne Moore, and I absolutely love this movie. I am so glad I gave it a chance. It's really intense and so smart. Julianne Moore's performance is incredible and she doesn't fail to deliver her lines. There are times in the movie when you get to see the real her. That's what makes this film such a well-done thriller." - NalaniTsuzuki "Julianne Moore is absolutely fantastic as a psychiatrist who is given very, very difficult and complicated cases. She's able to act like a real human being, and she draws you in from the very beginning." - DirtyPimpDoll "Great movie, though I don't think it's Oscar worthy but Moore is fantastic." - Drakott-Antonio "I really liked this movie. It's complex and interesting, and I really enjoyed the ending. The movie gives you a taste of the book, but it's not too deep. It's really easy to relate to. Moore does a great job with the role. It was sad that the movie only lasted 90 minutes



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HD Online Player (6 Souls Movie Download Torrent) alealay

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