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January 2023 
The Ever First Global BearMania Online Gaming
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Where Esports and Digital Currency Rewards  Merge

The Esports industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, both in terms of viewership and revenue.  According to the earlier analysis, there was an average revenue increase of more than 30% annually until 2018. The rate of increase decreased at this point; however, eSports revenue in 2019 was $957.5 million, still a 23.3% YOY growth (and slightly higher than what various researchers had predicted).

Children and adults around the world play video games for hobby purposes but also for professional Esporting purposes. Individuals utilize their valuable time and resources to grow the Esports industry and often times have received no compensation for the innovative contribution. The S&S Digital Corporation has developed a digital rewards system that will provide players, gamers, professionals and innovators with rewards for their league participation. Each individual involved within BEARMANIA™ ecosystem will earn the chance to win and accumulate BEARCLAW™, a digital token developed on the Ethereum blockchain that will provide rewards and currency for Texas Esports participants. 

In 2019, the total prize money for 5591 tournaments was $236,221,114. So, the mean tournament prize pool was $42,250. With 28,336 active players at these tournaments, each player's mean earnings were $8,336. With the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020, the overall total prize money fell to $119,457,468 from just 4478 tournaments. The mean tournament prize pool was $26,677. With 24,231 active players at these tournaments, each player's mean earnings were $4,930, and their median earnings were $582.08 per player.


(The Incredible Growth of Esports [+ eSports Statistics] (

We understand that Esports has become a global leader in revenue and participation and our goal is to provide participants with various avenues to earn rewards and increase their earnings.  Our business development team has innovatively created an online reward system that rewards activity and learning through Esports and Blockchain learning. Our primary mission is to build a global Esports league and digital rewards platform that provides resources, scholarships, education and more. Secondly, we will provide blockchain technology training courses, certifications and career opportunities for students and adults beginning in the State of Texas. We anticipate extending this Esports franchise model across all U.S states. Become a part of BEARMANIA™ and receive a chance to win rewards, food, BEARCLAW™ merchandise and more. 

Esports + Earnings = The Future of Gaming

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