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Hackathon Training and Coding Camps

Through the development of global hackathon circulation we will development career opportunity for students beginning on Texas and beyond. 

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Children and adults all over the world spend endless hours on technology devices and often times these hours spent require internet connectivity to function properly. Our world becomes more and more digitally and technologically based as each minute passes. S&S Digital, Inc., believe that it is our duty as American Business and Education leaders to provide avenues for the communities around us to prosper and innovate according to the current social and professional environments that exist today. 


The education industry has gained similar weightage as other industries like finance and healthcare. However, this industry possesses many areas that need improvement using advanced technologies. This is especially important when the education industry is proliferating, which is estimated to reach $99.76 billion globally by 2024. If you are new to Blockchain technology, then it is the foundation technology for cryptocurrencies. It is also used as a promising data storage technology that benefitted industries like manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, and last but not least -the education industry.

Our corporation has decided to take this global mission head on and aim to educate 10 million students over blockchain technology/training over the next 2 years. We aim to provide students with a certification that can be utilized for education and professional career development. We will provide progress and achievement resources for enrolled students while granting access to internships and scholarships. 

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